8 Steps To Franchise Success

One of the most unique elements of Challenge Island® – the groundbreaking STE(A)M educational model – is the opportunity for passionate and dedicated individuals to start their very own franchise.

Starting a Challenge Island® franchise brings many unique benefits and opportunities for those ready for the challenge. To help you succeed in your franchise journey, here are 8 tips for franchise success!

1. Make Franchise Success Your Focus

If you are going to open your very own franchise, one of the best ways to raise the chances of success is to go all in!

While opening and operating a Challenge Island® can be an enriching opportunity, it will require you to dedicate yourself to the process. Remind yourself often why you chose to invest your time and money into building a Challenge Island® – to bring innovative and effective STE(A)M education options to children in your community!

The incredible truth about Challenge Island® is that the more you give, the more the program gives back to you and the community you live in! With dedication and a desire to bring Challenge Island®’s unique workshops to your community, you can thrive in your new franchise endeavor!

2. Start Spreading the Word before You Open the Doors

Before you even start operating make sure you are spreading the word about your new business!

There are a ton of ways you can start marketing your new franchise to the community: share the news on your Facebook page, post to your Instagram account, put up flyers at local schools and youth centers, speak with your local schools and teacher associations – you name it!

Teachers and camp coordinators will be excited to hear the news of a new STEAM program in town! They are always looking for ways to engage their students and campers with a hearty, fun program.

3. Lean On Your Experience to Build Your Franchise

All businesses and brands rely heavily on advertising. Think back on all the products and brands you have purchased and remember the promotions that you responded to. What worked and what didn’t? How did your previous experiences help you make your product purchase?

Also, take a closer look at your skills and abilities from both a professional and personal experience. You are sure to find a wealth of inherent desire to build a business and make it a success. Resourcefulness, creativity and determination can be your key elements in bringing your desire of business ownership to fruition.

Think about all of the things in your life that were an asset to you. You have many resources you don’t even realize could be used to help pull together the pieces of your new Challenge Island® franchise!

4. Hire the Best Teachers

The key to success with a Challenge Island® franchise is having the right team at your side. With the unique offerings and educational opportunities that Challenge Island® brings, many area teachers – both current and retired – are coming back to help teach this incredible new educational model!

A Challenge Island teacher is able to enjoy teaching this dynamic and unique program while having flexibility to work outside the four walls of a classroom!

5. Make Sure You Strategize

When opening and operating a new franchise, you will need to make sure you have a clear and steady strategy in place.

Just think about the steps you need to take in order for your passion – and not just your franchise, but the very purpose of Challenge Island® itself – needs to stay on track.

Sometimes breaking things down into small steps is key. Think of an idea (or use one) for a goal or objective to reach and write down all of the steps needed to achieve that. Then put them into a timeline so that you can get organized!


6. Don’t Shy Away from Help

Challenge Island® is a labor of love – but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone.

Just because this is your dream doesn’t mean you are going to be an expert when it comes to teaching, marketing, or even bookkeeping and payroll. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from others in those areas!

At Challenge Island®, we are proud to have a tribe of franchisees who have years of experience and are ready to offer their support. We also have many resources that you can use at any time to help you make the most out of your Challenge Island® experience!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s from mentors, staff, or even family members – everyone needs a little bit of help now and then!


7. Work Closely with the Challenge Island® Team

Not only can you lean on your Challenge Island® tribe to help you when the going gets tough, but you will want to stay in close contact to ensure that you don’t miss out on any updates, new curriculum, and other specific resources for different marketing campaigns or events.

Our team is always featuring the successes of our franchisees on our social media pages – giving you a front-row seat into how Challenge Island® franchises are making an impact on the lives of others every day.


8. Stay Humble and Hustle

Finally, let’s not forget to keep a level head. As with any new business, there will be challenges that you’ll face along the way. It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go as planned, but it takes a lot of hard work and tenacity to make those challenges into learning experiences!

It might sound a little cliche, but Challenge Island® truly is life-changing. You will have to work hard to achieve your goals and find success – but you’ll find that it’s all worth it when you see the children, families, and teachers that you help along the way.


Build the Franchise of Your Dreams with Challenge Island®

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