A Teacher Turned Business Owner

Hear from one of our franchisees in South Carolina. She is a former teacher who came to Challenge Island 7 years ago and now she is sharing her experience to inspire teachers who are looking to share their passion in a whole new way!

How has Challenge Island helped you fulfill your passion for teaching?Family friendly franchise

Challenge Island has given me the inspiration to use my teaching background in a whole new way. The variety of programs that Challenge Island offers to the community allows me flexibility to focus on the strengths that I have, while also having the tools available to succeed in any market! Being able to impact more than just a classroom of children each year gives me motivation to do more each and every day. I love bringing a smile to children’s faces with each and every visit. Being part of such an amazing group of owners inspires me as well, because I can get feedback on questions that I have and always know that I have support no matter what. We have such a unified Tribe and you can’t put a price tag on that!

What surprised you about Challenge Island workshops?

Every time I walk in a classroom, whether it is one I am going to consistently or one that I haven’t been to before, the energy that comes from it amazes me every time! One of my favorite challenges, Monkey Playground, is one I have done many times. The amazing thing about STEM/STEAM is that no matter how many times I have done this workshop, the kids come up with something new and different each time! I also love how they want to continue working even when time is up. The possibilities are endless!

If you had to list 3 favorite things about Challenge Island lesson plans, what would they be?

Having access to important background information that the challenge comes from(Real Life Connections), having the ability to adapt almost any lesson to virtual format, and being able to use many lessons across different curriculum themes.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from other teachers in schools who have observed a Challenge Island workshop?

It is very fun and different, the kids are always surprisingly engaged! My favorite is one that was mentioned recently, “This student normally doesn’t do well in groups, and I was so happy to see him working with others and contributing!”

What is your main approach when it comes to making more people aware of Challenge Island?

I love to make new connections in the community, whether it’s a facebook group, a friend that has a need with a child they have, etc. Wherever I go, whatever I do, Challenge Island is a part of who I am and there is always a way that I’m looking to incorporate that passion in my daily life.

How does Challenge Island stand out from the competition?

From an owners standpoint, there is an unexplainable energy, excitement, and bond that the owners and corporate share with one another. Owners encourage one another, and it is like having another family. It’s very similar to how Challenge Island works in the classroom! Corporate is so involved in helping us in every way possible, which is NOT always the norm in a typical franchise. Being an former owner of another franchise, I know personally that this is not typical. Being supported in every way is so encouraging and it only gives me the desire to perform at a higher level every single day!

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