Challenge Island Profit Centers

F R A N C H I S E   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

The Challenge Island® business model is completely mobile. We go where the kids are!


After-School Enrichment Classes

When kids enter the Challenge Island classroom, they are transported to a learning environment worlds away from the regular school experience. The ambience feels positively party-like as our adventurous tribes tackle high-level thinking challenges at whimsical weekly destinations. Classes are an hour long and held once a week after school. Recommended fees: $10-$20+ per child per class. Minimum commitment is (8) classes / weeks. Elementary and Middle schools (private and public).


CI in-school field trips

In-School Field Trips

Challenge Island offers high interest STEM and STEAM in-school field trips that uniquely intertwine ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies concepts into one action packed experience for students! In-school field trips can be uniquely designed for all grade levels. Recommended fees: $7 – $15 per student.

Classes for Home-Schooled Children

Classes can also be held for home schoolers in the home of a parent. Recommended fees: $8 -$12 per kid.


CI preschooler

Challenge Island Jr © (pre-school classes)

At Challenge Island we believe that you are never too young to start imagining, creating and thinking big! Our Challenge Island Jr.programs scale down our regular challenges to a level just right for Pre-K and K. Recommended fees: $7 -$15+ per child.


Challenge Island Senior ©

At Challenge Island, we believe that you are never too old to innovate, design, and create new things. Our Challenge Island Senior programs are full of fun and fellowship while keeping minds sharp and active.


Our STEMtastic Challenge Island Camps are the perfect destination for your child during summer vacation and other school breaks! Built around pop culture themes kids’ love, our Challenge Island camps feel like action-packed vacations in their own right. Our wide array of trademark camp themes include Wizardry Camp, Mindcraft Camp, Icy Party Camp, Space Wars Camp and many more! Recommend fees:  $125 -$250  per child for three hours per day over five days.


Birthday Parties

Challenge Island is a party every day – so as you can probably imagine, our birthday parties are epic! Our traditional parties have a luau theme and a mix and match of your child’s favorite challenges. Or choose one of our STEMtastic party themes like Minecraft, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Frozen, Minions, Girls and Dolls, and more. We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs and budget. Your child’s Challenge Island birthday celebration promises to be a hit with the whole tribe. Recommended fees: $175 – $325+ per party.

Family Nights

Multi-generational after hours events where kids and adults of all ages share in the magic of Challenge Island. Themed-events create excitement as participants complete a Challenge Island task together. Recommend fees: $25 – $40 per family per event.



Kids’ Night Out

After hours event where parents drop off kids for a night of Challenge island fun. Themed events are designed for all ages and provide a variety of challenges. Recommended fees: $15 – $30 per child for a three hour event.