Build Your Own Home-Based Franchise With Challenge Island®

Are you looking for ways to make an impact in our world with your career? The answer may not lie at the corner office or in some high-level political position. Your chance to change the world and prepare for the next generation may be found in your home office!

You’ve heard of “work at home”, but Challenge Island® takes it a step further to become your career at home. With Challenge Island®, you can create an impact in your community while building your own personal dream career.

How The Challenge Island® Franchise Program is Built to Succeed

Challenge Island® franchises are designed to succeed from day one. First and foremost, the program is built around you! We want to help you have the home business of your dreams, so we’ve made that our priority.

Challenge Island® specializes in franchising and rewarding those who are dedicated and hard-working. We invest a great deal of time into each franchise location to ensure your success!

Here’s a rundown of how you can launch a Challenge Island® franchise from your home.

  • Be a Part of the Global Network of Challenge Island® Franchises

As part of the growing Challenge Island® franchise network, you’ll gain access to some fantastic resources that will allow you to build a successful home-based business. The Challenge Island® team is dedicated to helping you succeed and will help in everything from marketing your business to finding schools, camps and other locations in your region to connect with.

  • Reach Students Where They Are

As a Challenge Island® franchisee, you have the unique opportunity to take your home-based business directly to where students already are while enjoying the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

When you bring Challenge Island® to schools and camps, you provide the opportunity for students to experience our exciting STEAM programs wherever they are – allowing you to personally connect with the next generation and make a difference in their lives.

  • Help Students Develop STE(A)M Skills

Most importantly, your Challenge Island® franchise will provide students with the opportunity to develop their STE(A)M skills through exciting, hands-on programs. Challenge Island® uniquely intertwines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math with other core curricular disciplines including ELA, History, Social Studies, Geography, World Cultures, STEM Careers, Social-Emotional Learning, and Much More! We understand that true STEAM Education does not take place in a vacuum – rather, it should touch every corner of the curriculum.

When you connect with a community and offer high-quality STEAM education, the sky is the limit for your success.

  • From Your Home to Many Classrooms

Having a home-based Challenge Island business offers you a launching pad for introducing this amazing program to students all across your territory. Through the hands-on experience of in-school field trips with your Challenge Island® franchise, you’ll have a chance to work with students and personally inspire them with unique STEAM activities.

  • A Chance to Reach Lower Income Students and Challenge Your Limits

Challenge Island® provides you with a business opportunity that will allow you to reach lower-income students who normally wouldn’t be able to participate in STEAM programs.
As an entrepreneur, your Challenge Island® franchise allows you to work with kids personally and share your passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. With public funding opportunities being offered to schools right now, the Challenge Island program is a perfect fit for their needs.

  • You Truly are Your Own Boss

As a Challenge Island® franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to work for yourself and grow your own home-based business! You’ll be able to choose where you want to offer STEAM programs within your territory and build your team as you grow.

As soon as you have established some clientele, you can begin to expand your home-based business and possibly even open up additional Challenge Island® locations!

  • Low Overhead & Recession-Proof

Challenge Island®’s programs are low-cost, and your home-based franchise won’t need a large initial investment to get started. Challenge Island® allows you to make an impact in children’s lives without having to worry about expensive overhead costs!

Furthermore, with unique partnerships with publicly funded programs, your Challenge Island® franchise can be recession-proof, allowing you to focus on creatively building an incredible educational opportunity rather than worry about financial support.

Get Started With Your Own Challenge Island® Franchise Today

If you are looking for a home business that will support your passion for STEAM education and allow you to make a difference in the community, then Challenge Island® may be the right home-based franchise opportunity for you!

Starting your very own Challenge Island® franchise is easy, and the opportunity to bring your experience and passion for education directly to students and families will give you the fulfillment you are looking for. If you would like to learn more about how to start your very own franchise and succeed as a Challenge Island® owner, head online today!