Why Choose A Challenge Island Franchise?

F R A N C H I S E   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

STEAM Education for the 21st Century

A Cut Above the Rest!

Don’t just take our word for it. Our tribe of franchise owners says it best!

“I’ve had a number of jobs in corporate America, but I never felt passionate about anything until I found Challenge Island. I have always wanted to give back to my community and this is a perfect vehicle with which to do so. Parents, teachers, administrators and, of course, students love the program and I have been pleasantly surprised by how fast my Challenge Island business has taken off. Within a year, I have generated enough revenue to cover my initial investment. You know when people ask you what you would do if you could do anything? Well this is it! Even if I didn’t need to make a living, I would still want to do Challenge Island.”
Shronda Boatwright, Essex and Passaic Counties, NJ

“With the other franchises I considered, it felt like a business transaction; with Challenge Island, it felt like a family.”
Leah Rise, St. Petersburg, FL

“I didn’t do anything spectacular today except deliver the product that our founder created for us to use! As always, the response from the parents and teachers to my in-school workshop was positive beyond belief. I have owned CI for 2 years now and every time I run a program, it reconfirms what I knew when I first bought the franchise: What we have is so special!”
Michelle Paddenburg, Greenville, SC

“Challenge Island ownership is hands down amazing! The curriculum doesn’t need any extra bells and whistles, it’s unique and exceptional in its own rite. My fan club of parents and kids grows by leaps and bounds every day – everyone wants more CI in their lives! When you believe in something so much, it just flows naturally and those around you can’t help but want a piece of it!”
Erin Vannostrand, White Marsh, MD

Benefits of Owning a Challenge Island Franchise

  • Proven home-based business with over 100 franchises
  • Protected territory with at least (25) elementary schools in purchased territory
  • Unique comprehensive curriculum specifically targets most important educational trends: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), 21st century skills and Cross-Curricular learning
  • Huge range of ages served from Challenge Island Junior (Preschool) to Challenge Island Senior (Senior Living Centers) to everything in between
  • Can be operated on a full or part-time basis
  • Low and self-controlled fixed overhead costs
  • Year-round income potential with summer camps, birthday parties, field trips and other non-school based initiatives
  • Extensive and on-going training with continuous, fresh curriculum provides unlimited opportunities
  • Challenge Island provides comprehensive teacher lesson plans and teacher training resources
  • Owners Enjoy Partnerships Nationwide with Non-Profit Organizations Including the Girl Scouts and Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Challenge Island gives you the opportunity to give back by positively impacting your community

Education Franchise under 50k

Being a Challenge Island Franchisee is a great fit regardless of your professional background!

Whether you are a careered teacher or a former corporate exec you can own and operate Challenge Island Franchise successfully. Our training and proprietary STEM and STEAM lesson plans will take all the guesswork out of  running your business profitably. Our goal is for you to succeed in your territory so we will guide and assist every step of the way.

For teachers looking to start their own education business, Challenge Island offers you a great way to continue your passion for teaching, while having the flexibility and autonomy to do it. You can finally use your creativity and passion to reach many more students than the ones assigned to your classroom!

For professionals looking to get out of the corporate grind and the tediousness of routine life, Challenge Island offers you a way to own a business that is exciting, fun and can make a real difference in children’s lives. What’s more, is that you will have a flexible schedule that fits your life. You can do all the work on your own or expand my hiring teachers!


Our training takes place in Atlanta (or virtually, depending on circumstances) where you will meet with the corporate team and get to know us behind the scenes. During this training, you will get an opportunity to see and participate in Challenge Island workshops where you will witness the true magic of our lessons. From children thinking and planning, to the excitement of their presentations – it’s all so very exciting.

Don’t worry, training doesn’t stop when you head home! Once you are part of this unique tribe, you will find support every step of the way. From questions about supplies and material to how to conduct a workshop, we will guide you.

Getting Started:

Once you are ready to get started in your territory, you will find marketing material ready for you to use and customize. Each profit center will come with an incredible array of proven collateral for you to use. From social media posts, to flyers, to custom template emails, we have you covered. You will be able to share information about Challenge Island’s programs in your territory easily.Best STEM education franchise

Franchise Opportunities

Challenge Island Partner Organizations

Challenge Island’s comprehensive Common Core and Next Generation Science Standard aligned curriculum in combination with its definitive focus on building 21st Century skills in kids, and its playful, whimsical island spirit allow it to uniquely address the needs of both today’s child and tomorrow’s adult.  Consequently, Challenge Island has been widely embraced – not just by parents and kids – but by school districts, community centers, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses nationwide.

Here is a very small representative list of organizations that have partnered to offer Challenge Island programming:


  • Title One Public Schools
  • Non-Title One Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Child Care Centers
  • Virtual Schools
  • Homeschools
  • Universities
  • Camps at all of the Above

Public/Government Organizations:

  • Libraries
  • Police Athletic Leagues
  • Centers for 21st Century Community Learning
  • Government Annexes

Community Centers/Religious Organizations

  • JCC’s
  • YMCA’s
  • Parks and Rec Centers
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Community Organization Centers

Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Scouts Headquarters Camps and Meeting Spots
  • Salvation Army
  • Museums
  • Children’s Shelters
  • Nature Centers

For-Profit Businesses

  • Trampoline Parks
  • Family Restaurants
  • Toy Stores
  • Dance Studios
  • Tutoring Centers
  • Gyms
  • Any Place with a Party Room!

Pop-Up & Permanent Challenge Island Centers:

  • About 10% of our Challenge Island Franchisees have a brick and mortar Imagination Lab

Social Bubbles:

  • Neighborhood Clubhouses
  • Backyards
  • Driveways
  • Playgrounds
  • Learning Pods

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